Teeth Whitening – The Pros and Cons

teeth-whiteningTeeth Whitening Secrets

Whitening treatments have gone through many changes over the years. As cosmetic dentistry advances so does the way dentists whiten teeth. A wide range of information is available about the options to choose from. A tooth whitening product can vary in its stain removal. If your mother took the drug tetracycline before she gave birth to you chances are that there will stains on your tooth enamel. If people eat the wrong food or contributes to the situation by smoking a lot it can compromise the results of bleaching. Before doing a teeth whitening treatment the dentist should consider the oral health of your entire mouth. Whitening procedures work only if consistent care is taken to use effective products.

Past Procedures to Whiten

A patient in the past also wanted whiter teeth but had fewer options. Many people back then would use baking soda and salt mixed with a bit of hydrogen peroxide. This paste was then applied to natural teeth to whiten them. This procedure would also help gums and also to kill any bacteria that appeared on the toothbrush. Today it is not surprising to find this mixture showing up in different types of toothpaste.

Whitening Teeth Today

  • Professional kits contain a whitening gel that you put into plastic trays and wear for over an hour. This can improve the colour to a shade that is a light white. However, not everyone can get to this cosmetic result. It depends on the tooth decay already existing in the patients mouth.
  • White strips are another whitening system used today to keep teeth brighter. However, sensitivity can happen after using these strips. A few tips if you wear them all day are do not drink hot beverages such as coffee for at least a couple hours after white strip removal.
  • Laser whitening in dentistry is gaining in popularity. It can improve the look of your teeth in just a couple of hours at the dental office. After cleaning your teeth a clear gel is applied to each tooth. The materials used are safe and often help improve the oral health of a patients mouth by removing bacteria and stains. During the visit extra care is taken to protect your gum surfaces.

Future Teeth Improvements

If you need a root canal, fillings, crowns or implants in the future so many improvements will make it easier. Great strides will be made to replace missing teeth with new thermoplastic partials or dentures that are anchored by implants providing a more secure bite. Beautiful veneers will keep sensitive teeth that cannot be bleached protected. No one will know they are not your own teeth because of how great they look.


Remember that a healthy diet will contain foods that are low in sugar. This will help to prevent tooth decay in children and adults. Sometimes if a disease is present it can cause your breath to be unpleasant. Remember also that although teeth can be made more sensitive temporarily with these bleaching products the results are worth it.